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Site Under Construction: Your Patience is Appreciated

Due to some confusion we have decided to clarify in laymans terms:


"The Site is still Under Construction"

Please note: You do not have to join to enjoy the readings on Santé Oils Website we are just currently in the process of formulating the write ups to be added.

We will have our first product on line for sale on this site by the first week of July 2017.


For updates please follow us on :

Twitter: @sante_oil


We are also currently setting up on Pinterest and Instagram.


Should you have any questions or would like more information on anything related to Santé Oils Company please do not hesitate to contact us on:


Thank you for your time!!

Wishing you all  super productive, successful and amazing day!


HELLO and Welcome!!!!! Terribly sorry if that was a bit loud, but we cannot hide our excitement. YOU. ARE. SOOOOO awesome for being here to experience, the birth of our Website. Santés’ exhilarating manifestation will announce itself over the next few days. Natural bursts of wellness will sporadically echo daily through Twitter and Facebook to create awareness about the intrinsic nature.. the indispensable quality… the essence of our products… We will enlighten you along the way. Soon you will be able to nourish the most import people in your life, starting with You.. The wonderful gifts from Nature will be at your fingertips. EVERY ONE deserves wellness, health and the gift of inner peace.